Monday, October 11, 2010

Sept. 20th 2010

Question - Do you think that flaming is acceptable?  What do you think is the right thing to do when someone Flames you or someone you know?
What advice would you give others?
Answer - I don't think flaming is acceptable is some cases. I know me, and if someone flames me on facebook or any site, then I know I'm going to flame them back. But if I feel that it would be a little personal then I would inbox them and tell them about themselves because never will anyone try to put me on the spot and think they getting away with it. Now the right thing to do would be to inbox them and talk to them one on one, not in open on site for billions of people to see. I would say that if you going to be nasty and rude to someone, then keep that between you and your rival. When you put stuff out there in the open, people take info and run with it and no one really wants their business out there for exposure to everyone.

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