Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan. 26th 2010

Final Exam

IBM_Watson_Why_Jeopardy On the B118 Server Read:IBM's Watson Computer To Play Jeopardy! Can a computer beat a human in the most challenging trivia game on TV? Today, at IBM's headquarters in New York, we learned that the answer is yes. What is Watson? Why is it so much harder for a computer to compete on jeopardy than to play chess? Do you think this is good thing? Will computers like this help or hurt people? What problems can computers solve? Are computers going to take away more jobs? Will computers eventually take over the world? What do you think? Write 3 paragraphs on your blog that support your opinion. *

Answer - I do not think a computer can beat a human in the most challenging trivia game on TV because all the information put into a computer is in there from a human. So a human can easily outsmart the computer because meanwhile the computer could be thinking one thing, while the creator is thinking the same but with a loop-whole. Because of this either way the human is smarter because the computer is given only a certain amount of information when the creator holds all of it and beyond. Watson is the "human" created by the computer as a stunt dummy so the creator can sit back and watch the outcome of his/or creation at work. It is so much harder for a computer to compete on jeopardy than to play chess because chess is a game created by strategic thinking and a computer can only think but so much while the human can think and expand its mind to its fullest capacity. 

A computer has a capacity limit which is a lot less than the mind of a human. I do think in fact that this is a good thing because it shows that every invention is not perfectly made without glitches. This will persuade the inventor to find more ways to enhance his/her technology. Computers like this can help people because by seeing the flaws in the invention the creator will now see what to take away from the computer's mainframe and what to put in it to enhance it. Computers can solve mathematic, informative, grammar and punctuation problems. Humans do fall short when it comes either to speech, calculation etc. computers can/will pick up the slack or infraction that humans sometimes make for confirmation.

If technology keeps advancing the way it is now I honestly do believe that computers will take away more jobs because each employer will only want the quick, quality, yet best for his/her company. Computers will save the company millions of dollars if they do not have to pay people to work for them when all they have to do is turn on a computer, set it, then everything is done for them. So many employers will think the same way and try to compete with the other companies. For sure this will raise the count of unemployed by so much. I do not think that computers will take over the world because humans will always want to be dominant whether if it's over another human or technology no matter the risks. Power will consume the world rather than computers.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dec. 1st - Dec. 23rd 2010

Dec. 1st 2010
Question - Do you think people are more likely to review a product they like or a product they dislike?  Why?
Answer - I think people are more likely to review a product they dislike because they try to find out why they don't like the specific product. They would not go over a product they like because they know why they like it, whether if it is taste, smell, appearance, or the qualities of the product.

Dec. 2nd 2010
Question - How do you think your life would be different without the Internet?
How do you think your life would be different without Computers?
Answer - I think my life without internet would be so boring because the internet has a host of sites that may or may not attract your attention such as Facebook. I think my life without computers would be no life because computers is what I like the most out of technology besides phones. 

Dec. 3rd 2010
Question - Test

Dec. 5th 2010
Questions - Hints To Become A Better Learner

Dec. 6th 2010
Question - Reflect on the things that you have been doing to get this grade. What will you do to improve your grade?  Write a plan that includes at least 3 things that you will do.
Answer - I will focus more on my task(s) at hand whether than become distracted by the computer's features and accessibility I have. I will study more whether I think I have mastered a certain topic of not because I know somethings I do forget at times but constant studying will help me as a student. I will be more serious about my work because I know I fall behind because I underestimate time. I try to do shortcuts to get my work done faster rather than taking the applicable effort to do my work. I will give the quality my work must have that will give me a good grade.

Dec. 7th 2010
Question - How much should parents in general know about their teenagers’ life online? Why?
Answer - I think parents should know what's necessary as who their talking to online, age, etc. because I think less criminal work will happen if parents are more attentive to what their children do while online. Trust and privacy is good in some occasion but as a parent you can never be too careful.

Dec. 8th 2010
Question - Do you have a smartphone or other device on which to download apps? What are your favorites? Why? Even if you don’t have one of these devices, what apps seem most entertaining, useful or valuable?
Answer - Yes, I do have a smartphone the T-Mobile G1. My favorite apps are Facebook, Horoscopes, Photoediting, MP3 Download, GPS mobile Tracking.  These apps are most useful because they help me do things a normal cell phone device can not.

Dec. 9th 2010
Question - How are your own teachers using technology? Does it help you learn? Do you have any suggestions for ways that your school can better use technology to promote learning and class participation?
Answer - My teachers are using technology such as computers, over-head projectors, etc. Computers help me learn because it also gives me a break from writing in my notebook all the time. Overhead projectors are also helpful because they stop me from having to hear my teacher talk and I could just jot down notes in my notebook.

Dec. 10th 2010
Question - Should stores sell violent video games to minors?
Answer - I feel as though stores should not sell them to minors because a lot of incidents happen from the time played on a game. All the time you see minors try to imitate the things they see on video games because they are not mature enough to deal with it mentally.

Dec. 13th 2010
Question - How old do you think someone should be before they are allowed to play violent video games?  Should parents buy violent video games for minors? Why?
Answer - I think you should be at least 17 years old to be allowed to play video games. Parents should not buy violent video games for minors because by them buying it not only their kids are being influenced by it. Children love to brag so then the minors lend their games to friends and let them play, so that's corruption through video games.

Dec. 14th 2010
Question - How old do you think someone should be before they are allowed to create a Facebook account?  Why? 
Answer - I think someone should be at least 16 years old to create a Facebook account but we really can not judge that either because a lot of people lie about their age online. There is no age verification on Facebook so a 5 year old can have a Facebook account.

Dec. 15th 2010
Question - What do you think is the greatest problems facing the teenagers of today?
Answer - I think peer pressure, sex temptations, bullying, worldly influences are the greatest problems facing teens because some teenagers are gullible and naive and they listen to whatever is told to them.

Dec. 16th 2010
Question - How does technology affect the thinking patterns of the teenagers of today?
Answer - Technology being able to do so much now in modern day now affects the thinking patterns because they figure they do not have to do this and do that because technology is so advance that they take shortcuts.

Dec. 17th 2010
Question - Test

Dec. 20th 2010
Question - How much homework should teachers give during a vacation?  Why?
Answer - I think teachers should give out 1 sheet for each day a student is out of school so therefore just because they are not in the classroom they can get a little education at home.

Dec. 21st 2010
Question - How has technology changed the way people prepare for and celebrate holidays?
Answer - Technology changed the way people prepare for and celebrate holidays through shopping online. Sending different comments and posts on certain sites. Some sites allow people create a shopping list online and send it and the web find the items in the cheapest price range and gets back to the consumer the information. So it is less work the customer has to do to shop.

Dec. 22nd 2010
Question - What is your wish for others this holiday season? Record your wish as a Voki (or in PhotoBooth) and post it on your blog.  

Dec. 23rd 2010
Question - Extra Credit       

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nov. 30th 2010

Question - What do you think is the purpose of product reviews? Do you think that product reviews from professionals are better than reviews from consumers?

Answer - I think the purpose of product reviews is to go over each product in strict detail before the purchasing or production of a certain product. I think product reviews from consumers are better than the professionals because majority of the time professionals just tell you what you want to hear. As for consumers we know exactly what we are dealing with because we have constant experience with a certain product. Half of the time professionals talk nothing but crap when in fact they do not buy the product that they advertise.

Nov. 29th 2010

Question  - How has Black Friday and Cyber-Monday changed to way people shop for the holidays?  Do you think this is a good thing?

Answer - I think these event days change the way people shop by saving their money on everyday prices to 50% off of what they usually spend. I think it is a good day because it teaches not only adults but as well as the youth how to conserve their money for things they really want/need for a really good price.

Nov. 22nd 2010

Question - What is the one technology or technology gadget that you are thankful for? Why?

Answer - I am thankful for cell phones because I love text messaging, browsing the internet, taking pictures, listening to music on-the-go. Modern cell phones allow me to do things that old fashion cell phones couldn't. Touch-screen, QWERTY keyboard, up to 8 megapixel cameras with flash, multitasking apps. Technology could on get better. Also to "talk your text" is so cool to me in so many ways. 

Nov. 19th 2010

Question - Do your test scores reflect how good your teachers are?

Answer - In a way I do think that my test scores reflect how good my teachers are because it shows that they are teaching material/lessons that I understand clearly. It also shows how much I as a student takes the time out to study my work. It reflects me and what I do with my time in and out the classroom. Teachers do get the credit on some occasions because they are the ones who are teaching me but at the same time its up to me to do what is necessary with their teachings.