Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nov. 18th 2010

Question - Can Cellphones Be Educational Tools?

Answer - In my opinion I do think cellphones can be educational tools. Based on the reason that most modern cellphones have features and apps that help you do things most "actual" educational devices cannot do. For an example, some phones may have apps for mathematics, science, or literature. They can help us more for the good than what most people think. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nov. 17th 2010

Question - Why is music faded in and out when making a movie project in GarageBand?  How does this effect the project?

Answer - I think music faded in and out because it shows the beginning and ending to a project. This effects the project because it makes the project more interesting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16th 2010

Question - You wouldn’t want someone stealing your hard work, intentionally or even unintentionally, would you? Of course not. Why?

Answer -  I wouldn't want someone stealing my hard work whether if it was intentionally or not because I took my time and my hard effort to do my work. For someone else to come and steal is or use my work is wrong. Plaigarism is not tolerated with my work because the same time I took and did my work can be the same time a person can choose to do theirs

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov. 15th 2010

Question - The way someone tells a joke is as important as the joke itself. This is comic timing.  How is this timing related to the way you present the information in your project?  Is the timing of your presentation important?  Can the timing enhance your presentation?  Defend your answer.

Answer - This timing is related to the way you present a project because the longer you take to present it, the less-interest people become in your project. The timing is important because the pace you go can inflict verbal damage into your project. Timing can also enhance your project  because only you will know what you want to say if you make it quick you will get more important details out of it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov. 10th 2010

Question - Do you think teenagers today should show more respect for adults? (teachers, parents etc)  Do you think it important for teenagers to show respect for adults?  Why?

Answer - I think they should show respects to adults as a whole because it would be the right thing to do. Besides you will never know when we might need a certain individual one of these days. It is very important because respect will get you far in life, whether it be respecting the young to the old. My only philosophy is that "To get respect it must be earned".

Nov. 9th 2010

Question - What do you think is the purpose of Copyright?  Why is Copyright a good thing?

Answer - I think the purpose of Copyright is that it gives the legal or illegal provision to make copies of a certain product. Copyright is a good thing because it will stop those who try to make bootlegs incapable of doing so. Copyright will put an end to the wrongs done to the original source of products sold.

Nov. 8th 2010

Question - What do you think is the difference between the Internet and cable/satellite TV?  How are these similar?  Do you think that these and other technologies will converge?

Answer - There really is no difference between the two because the same way you can watch TV on a television set, you can watch it on the Internet. The only difference is that we can not control what comes on our TV. Where the internet if we go to a certain channel's site we can choose what we want to watch. 

Nov. 3rd 2010

Question - Would you rather talk on the phone or text message someone? Why?

Answer - I would rather text message someone because I am not the talker type. If I text someone it is easier for me to come up with something to say rather on the phone when I am on the spot to say something. Text messaging is better for me to create something out of nothing. Sometimes if I want to say something but then I change my mind, I can just erase what I typed before sending it. If I was on the phone I can not take back anything I say because it is already out there. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov. 2nd 2010

Question - Do you understand information that you read or information that you hear? Why do you think this is so?

Answer -  I understand information better that I hear because when I read some things I read may not have a definite, broken down  meaning of what is trying to be said or explain. Information that I hear can be broken down if asked, reading you can not ask the book or whatever you are reading for a clearer meaning.

Nov. 1st 2010

Question - Why do you think reading comprehension is so important?  what can you do to improve your Reading Comprehension?

Answer -
Reading comprehension is so important because it is a skill needed mostly in any subject studied in your career or in any profession. Also it is important because in almost every aspect of life you need to know how to read and how to differentiate between information needed for remembrance or information needed for simple statements. The most effective way to improve your Reading Comprehension is to "READ".

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct. 28th 2010

Question - Do you think the Internet is making people more impatient? Are we becoming a society were we all want instant satisfaction?  

Answer- Internet does make people more impatient because we are so used to a certain speed and when things start to slow down we tend to get upset and mad with the computer because it doesn't function the way we want to. Instant satisfaction is bad for people because in life you will not get everything you want, when you want, and how fast we want it. That is a habit everyone needs to break away from.

Oct. 27th 2010

Question - Do you think that some people spend too much time on the Internet and does this stop them from seeing their friends? Why?

Answer - Yes, some people spend a lot of time, actually on the internet. I honestly can say that this do sometimes stop them from seeing their friends because their eyes get glued to the screen and nothing or no one will pull them eyes back. Being on the internet a lot is not a good thing either because it's bad for your eye sight and attention span. Friendships have been lost because of stupid things like this, trust me I know through experience. Get away from that screen and get with your friends would be my advice to those who stay online too long.

Oct. 26th 2010

Question - Do you think robots will cause unemployment (loss of jobs) in the future or make more work? Why?

Answer - I do think robots will cause employment loss of work because all they have to do is be programmed how do a specific job and will be tested to see if we got the job. They do not have to be paid by the hour, only electrically charged. To me I think robots are the cheapest way out. Business employers will not have to worry about over-time, no call-no shows, lateness, etc.

Oct. 25th 2010

Question - Why do you think information literacy is important to you?  How will you use information literacy skills now and in the future?

 Answer - I think information literacy is important because it helps us reach conclusions, make our choices, and communicate more effectively. I would use these skills now and in the near future by evaluating what the cause & effect of a problem or any decision I make and I would be more careful before any decision is made.

Oct. 22nd 2010

Question - Do you work better when it is quiet or you are listening to music? If so what type of music is the best for learning?  Does the music help to relax, inspire you or is it just a distraction?

Answer - In my opinion I work better when I am listening to music. Music is a part of me and all that I am is music. I prefer "Chris Brown" because he is my favorite artist over all. It gets and keeps me focus on my work and the task at hand, relaxing, smooth, sometimes a little jumpy but it all falls in at the right time and place. Never will his music be a distraction because I love his work and there is not one song created by him or that he is collaborated with that I do not know. "Number 1 Chris Brown Fan"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oct. 20th 2010

Question - Would you speak up if you saw someone being bullied online?  Why or why not?  Would you speak up if you saw someone being bullied in school?  Why or why not?

Answer - To be fully honest, if I saw someone being bullied online it "DEPENDS".  In most cases I would mind my own business because you never know if the person being bullied started it or not. But no one ever deserves to get bullied unless they are a trouble-maker themselves. But I would help the person being bullied. If I saw someone being bullied in school, no questions asked, I would immediately help them regardless if I know them or not. Bullies should be put in a school with other bullies so they could see how it feels in another person's shoes.

"Etiquette With Netiquette"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oct. 19th 2010

Question - What is the advantage of email updates of the latest Google results of information based on your name?

Answer - The advantage of email updates of the latest Google results is that you find out what people have found out about you whether if it's good or bad. It also gives you a little humor or something to laugh at really. But its a good thing for the updates because you know as well as the world of what's on Google about you. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct. 15th 2010

Test Questions 19-21

19.) What is the topic of your project? Why did you pick this topic? 
The topic of my project is "Using Video Games For Learning". I chose this topic because in my i have toddlers in my family and within my own home such as my daughter who uses video games such as Fisher-Price, Leap-Frog, or Hooked-On-Phonics video games to learn subjects as their alphabets, or numbers, or how to practice their speech. 

20.) What is your real personal interest in the topic? (There will always be something that can interest you) 
My real personal interest in the topic is that I also in my young years of development, I have use video games to help me learn as well and it was a great help to me. Yes, there will always be something that can interest me because if I like it I'm going to put my all into it and do what's necessary.

21.) What do you specifically want to learn about my topic? (Don't overwhelm yourself with too many things. Two or three are plenty.) 
 I would like to learn the advantages and disadvantages on video games for learning. Also to learn how much faster do video games increase the capability of the minds of the toddlers to learn quicker rather than to those who does not use video games. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct. 14th 2010

Question - Writing a Statement of Purpose. What is your topic? Write a detailed Statement of Purpose for your topic.

Answer - My topic is " Using Video Games For Learning".  My " STATEMENT OF PURPOSE" is; Using video games for learning will enhance the minds of our youth and those of age as well because each game will have interesting criteria and games that would tap into the imagination and the back of the mind of each individual and create an open spot for the knowledge to be placed, learned, and remembered.

Oct. 13th 2010

Question - How do you choose which (electronic) resources to use and when it is appropriate to use them? 

Answer - I choose electronic resources to use base on my experience with a certain resource. If I feel like this resource is best for me to use and is actually easy to use then that is the resource I am going to use. I know it would be appropriate because if I used it in the past and I am using it in the present then it must be appropriate for me to do what I have to do.

Oct. 12th 2010

Question - What is your research topic?  Write 5 questions you have about your topic?

Answer - My research topic is "Using Video Games For Learning". 
1.)  How do video game designers which specific age group to target when making these games?
 2.)  How are these games designed?
3.)  Do they make video games not only for the youth but for the old also?
4.)  Which video games corporation makes the most games for learning?
5.) Which video game corporation makes the most in sales?

Oct. 11th 2010

Question - Why is it important to make sure you understand your task before you attempt to complete it?

Answer - It is extremely important to make sure you understand your task before completing it because if you have no idea or full understanding of what you have to do, then there is no way at all you can do the task at hand. Understanding is imperative because you never want to do a task and be off topic. Being off topic can cost you your grade or whatever is your reward. In order to complete anything you have to have a clear view of what is expected in the task. Understanding what you have to do is a must not an option. Taking the time out to ask questions can help you in a long run. Never be scared to ask them because your instructor is there to answer any questions needed to be asked.

Oct. 11th 2010

Question - Why is it important to make sure you understand your task before you attempt to complete it?

Answer - It is extremely important to make sure you understand your task before completing it because if you have no idea or full understanding of what you have to do, then there is no way at all you can do the task at hand. Understanding is imperative because you never want to do a task and be off topic. Being off topic can cost you your grade or whatever is your reward. In order to complete anything you have to have a clear view of what is expected in the task. Understanding what you have to do is a must not an option. Taking the time out to ask questions can help you in a long run. Never be scared to ask them because your instructor is there to answer any questions needed to be asked.

Oct. 8th 2010

Question - How do yo think Delicious can help you find what is hot on the web?

Answer - I think Delicious can help me find what is hot on the web by its daily updates because of the "Popular Tags" link on the site. Underneath it, it has different type of criteria of interest of people who may visit the site as a whole. These tags include links such as "design, music, or art". Tags such as these can be very helpful to those surfers who is unfamiliar with the site.

Oct. 7th 2010

Question How do you feel when someone takes credit for something you said or did?  Is this an acceptable thing to do?

Answer - I would feel very disrespected and upset that anyone would take credit for anything I have done or said because that is wrong and completely unacceptable. I took my time out and put great effort into my work or thoughts and for someone to come and take credit and wrong because I would never do nothing like that to no one. My effort is my time and my time is very valuable to me and I take my work very serious. SO this something very unacceptable to any cause.

Oct. 6th 2010

Question How do you use words (tags) to help you to organize and remember things?  

Answer  - You can use tags to help you to organize and remember things by using hyperlinks that would sometimes give you the definition or meaning of a word. Another way is that you could use an attachment on the tag that would send you to another site which would hopefully give you a better understanding or clear view of what is trying to be said. 

Oct. 5th 2010

Question - Do you think that you can believe everything on the Internet?  Why?

Answer - I absolutely know that you can not believe everything on the Internet because anyone can make a website. Anyone can put things on their site just for view rates. There are many people out here to just manipulate the minds of man. You can also say to bran wash us as well because people really have arguments about what they read or seen on the internet. Some websites can not be trusted because they use information they received and add on to what they have to make the information seem accurate. But only a real smart person would go to a well-known, trusted site and compare the information and only then will you find out what is accurate and what is not.

Oct. 4th 2010

Question - Do you think that social networks appropriate resources for use in education? What are appropriate resources and where can they be found?

Answer - It's really 50/50 with that because some social networks do have information that would benefit your education. I do not think all social networks are bad, depending how they are used. Some people if they had access to social networks would not use them for the appropriate use. Students would be to focused on responding to messages and other things that aren't relevant to the task at hand. Appropriate resources could be found through google, yahoo, aol, or any search engine.

Sept. 30th 2010

Question - How do you know if the information you find on line is accurate and truthful?

Answer - Well you do not know for sure the information online is true sometimes because people can put things on the internet just to get views and feed. I know that there are people who look on other sites and take information and ad lib to it just to get satisfaction or credit off others' hard work. So double checking through trusted and well known, well used web sites and compare the information is the only way you will know for sure if its true or not.

Sept. 29th 2010

Question - Do you think that a parents should spy on their kid's online life?  Is this good parenting or an invasion of privacy?

Answer - I think parents should not spy on their kid's online life because it is an invasion of privacy. Depending on the age, if your child is under the age of sixteen, then by all means spy on them. But if they are over the age of sixteen then there is no reason why a parent should be spying. With parenthood comes trust and if you don't trust your child then they should not be on the computer from the start. Parents should be more lenient with their children no matter what. Invasion of privacy is something a parent should know better doing. 

Sept. 28th 2010

Question - Some web sites hold very dangerous information, for example how to make a bomb. How can we control these Web sites?
Answer - We can control these websites by using parental control on websites which is not appropriate for students. If we have parental control it can and will block the websites that will stop our computer from entering the site. If these are websites accessed by high school students then most likely younger students will be able to access them. We do not need the internet to teach our youth things they should not be seeing. Parental control is the best way to control these web sites

Sept. 27th 2010

Question - What do you think you should include or not include in your online profile (Google Profile) for this class?
Answer - I think I should include more details and more references in my online profile. I know sometimes I can allow my personal experience get to me. I use that in my work and sometimes that can cause my downfall in class. Most importantly more specific details would be a good help to me. It might enhance my work's ability to reach out and pull you in and maintain your focus.

Sept. 24th 2010

Question - What do you think about people who say unkind things to others using a computer?  How would you feel if someone said something mean to you on the telephone, in an email, or in an online discussion? Is there a difference between the telephone and the computer?

Answer I think people who say unkind things to others using a computer are nothing but fake and scared people. Half of the time they say things over the phone, computer, or any other electronic devices because they are not they're not face to face with you. I would feel upset and mad if anyone say something out the way through any type of communication because if you can't say it to my face don't say nothing at all. There is a difference because when you are on the phone with someone.  If they tell you something, you can hear in the way they say it if they saying in a mean way. Over the computer maybe they might mean in the way you think they are. So I rather someone talk to me face to face or on the phone rather than through computer.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sept. 23rd 2010

Question - How does being friendly effect you at school, at home and in cyberspace?

Answer - Being friendly at school, home, and even in cyberspace can benefit you in so many ways. Being friendly can get you respect, trust, and love. You can find so many good friends in school, and/or cyberspace. At home it can get you the ability to build a solid relationship between you, your friends, family, and even you're significant others.

Sept. 22nd 2010

Question - Why do you think that Netiquette is necessary for safe and secure online communication? What happens if someone breaks the Netiquette guidelines or social rules?
Answer - I think that Netiquette is necessary because it gives you rules and regulations that you can either choose to follow or not. There is a reaction to every action. So if you don't want to follow Netiquette then that's your choice but you will have to pay for whatever you do in cyberspace , whether if it's good or bad.

Sept. 21st 2010

Question - What do you think the potential problems are with giving or sharing personal login information?  When do you think it is okay to share this information?  Why?
Answer - I think the potential problems are with giving or sharing personal login information is that people can use your personal information against you. For an example, people can use your personal information to access things as your social security, credit, etc. That's fraud and the only one to blame would be you because you should know better. I don't think it's never okay to give out your personal login information because the people you think can trust will be the main ones to stab you in the back meanwhile. So never share your information with anyone without state documented credentials that confirms the security of your information.

Sept. 20th 2010

Question - Do you think that flaming is acceptable?  What do you think is the right thing to do when someone Flames you or someone you know?
What advice would you give others?
Answer - I don't think flaming is acceptable is some cases. I know me, and if someone flames me on facebook or any site, then I know I'm going to flame them back. But if I feel that it would be a little personal then I would inbox them and tell them about themselves because never will anyone try to put me on the spot and think they getting away with it. Now the right thing to do would be to inbox them and talk to them one on one, not in open on site for billions of people to see. I would say that if you going to be nasty and rude to someone, then keep that between you and your rival. When you put stuff out there in the open, people take info and run with it and no one really wants their business out there for exposure to everyone.

Sept. 17th 2010

Test Essay -   When practicing Internet safety in school, teachers should keep an eye on students when they are on the Internet just as they would as if they were on a field trip! Students’ Internet use should be tailored to their ages. Random Internet browsing should NOT be allowed! Students on the Internet should have a specific purpose for being there! Teachers should check the history of visited sites as much as possible, especially if there is suspicion of students going to inappropriate sites. It is the teacher’s responsibility to be familiar with the division’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). So my thoughts are that teachers should take their jobs more safety and stop trying to be friends with their students and do what’s necessary to protect them.

Sept. 16th 2010

Question - What do you think  schools should be teaching teenagers concerning being good “cyber-citizens”?
Answer - I think schools should teach students learn to respect others' work saved on the computer because majority of the time you are sharing the computer(s) with fellow students. You should never touch other student's work because you never know how much effort and time that person put into their work. Students should never change anything or reassemble program(s) on the computer because you have no authority or permission to change what you didn't originally create. God-forbid you mess up or do something that can't be undone because then your parent/guardian would be fine to pay for the damage done. In ever computer or technology class in each school should enforce the rules of being a good cyber-citizens”!

Sept. 15th 2010

Question - If you are in an online gaming room and someone that you do not know asks you about personal information (same age as you-or close), what do you do?
Answer - I would not give out any personal information because little pieces of details can lead anyone to decipher many of unknown details about oneself. Personal information should remain personal especially to those of the unknown society. Me, personally wouldn't even hold a conversation to anyone I don't know because that's just stupid for anyone to give out your information to a stranger.

Sept. 14th 2010

Question - How do you think you should engage in the highly collaborative and interactive Web 2.0 in a safe and responsible manner?

- I think you should  surf the web in safe and secure websites because certain sites you least think that can harm your computer really can. Make sure that you have an official protector on your computer. If some sites have a pop-up blocker or a site blocker most likely it's meant for you not to view on enter that website. A lot of people have their own likes and dislikes about certain apps on the web and some may download some that can unleash many viruses to your computer of any sort. So being aware of what you browse is the most responsible thing you can do to protect your computer.

Sept. 13th 2010

Question - If you feel uncomfortable in any chat room, find something "a little weird" on Facbook/MySpace, or just think something is wrong.  What do you think you should do? Why?
Answer - I think you should just log out of the chat room because 9 times out of 10 thig aren't normal. First I'll ask a certain question to verify my suspicion. If things confirm what I thought that wasn't gong good. I'll log out or report whats going on to the administration of the sit because if things are uncomfortable to you than it's going the same way to others that are on  the site as well.

Sept. 10th 2010

Question - Do you think that the dress code will enhance your learning experience? What do you plan to do differently this year to be more successful in this class and school in general?
Answer - I do think that the dress code will enhance my learning experience because its a comfortable attire that I enjoy wearing. It also gives each person the freedom to express their own opinion in fashion. My focus would be more on my work than what the next person is wearing because basically we all are wearing the same thing. I plan to focus and spend more time studying than fooling around unlike what I did last year. Keeping my focus on my school work and doing what's necessary for my education would result in my success of graduating high school.